Civil servants fume at police for blocking their march.

Civil servants are fuming at the police for not allowing them to proceed with their petition to the finance minister and minister of labour yesterday. After having been given the go ahead to stage their demonstration, civil servants were puzzled to learn the they could not get near the offices of Professor Mthuli Ncube as well as Sekai Nzenza. Police immediately formed an unbreakable barricade, preventing the disgruntled government workers from going near the new government complex.

Civil servants were protesting against poor renuneration and working conditions. Amongst those who took part in the demonstration were teachers, nurses and people from various government offices. They lamented poverty and pleaded with authorities to address bread and butter issues. The civil servants also petitioned the government to align their salaries with the US dollar exchange rates just as shops were pricing goods in line with the exchange rate. Civil servants in Zimbabwe earn a paltry amount ranging from 15 US to around 70US. This is clearly not enough to sustain their livelihoods.

The protestors were dissapointed when they were told that they could not go within 100 metres of the government offices near causeway building. Police instructed a few members to come forward with their petition but the rest were advised to remain far. The situation in the country has forced doctors and nurses to go on strike after failed wage negotiations. Many people have been lambasting government for having misplaced priorities.

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