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Cool short trends for 2019.

Shorts are indeed a great summer treat. Shorts can be worn for long walks on the beach, a casual stroll in the park and at times for formal events. These are the best trends for 2019 in terms of female short.

Ankara material has become quite common in terms of shorts. The beautiful african prints and loghtweight material makes for a great pair of summer shorts. These can be worn with nice tight fitting bodysuits or crop tops. Just make sure you wesr a plain top if uour ankara material has prints all over it. You can rock this look for your casual outings or parties.

Ripped denim shorts are also the in thing. These shorts give a funky vibe and look very cheeky. They can be paired with simple tennis shoes and tees. Ripped denim has become a common trend of late.

Striped and checked shorts are one way of making a fashion statement. Pokello made this look popurlar and added some glam by pairing her shorts with some nude heels and a stylish cross bag. These shorts are simply gorgeous and can make you stand out of the crowds.

Putting some patches and funny prints on your shorts can liven them up. Most people are of the mistaken belief that these tyor of shorts are meant for little kids. Boy are they wrong. Dj Zinhle looks young and refreshed with her playful little shorts.

Formal shorts have also been dominant in 2019. Gone are the days when shorts were frowned upon in the workplace. These can be worn for meetings and formal events.

Leather shorts are also very stylish and fashionable. Hollywood celebrities such as Taylor Swift are renowned for wearing leather shorts.

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