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Dos and Don’ts for the festive season.

The festive season is usually characterised by fun, excitement, parties and road trips. Most people go all out for christmas,hosting friends and visiting relatives. There should however be some checks and balances on how you can handle yourself amid all the buzz. Here is our list of dos and don’ts for this festive season.

1 Overspeeding.

Do not overspeed on the roads. Take note of popurlar sayings such as “Arrive alive” ,”Better late than never” and “Speed thrills but kills”. Most people die on the roads during the festive season due to overspeeding. A recent accident occurred this week involving a bus that was coming from South Africa and a lot of luves were lost.

2 Overspending.

Do not spend more than what your wallet allows. Be cognisant of the coming months and responsibilities such as school fees and bills. Most people love to throw their financial weight around during the festive season only to languish in poverty come January.

3 Decision making.

Make decisions that you will not regret later. Do not be impulsive in your choices. Some people will choose to drink excessively at the expense of their health and wallets, do crazy things for fun such as drag racing only to get injured or have tattoos that they do not really want all in the heat of the moment. Make wise decisions.

4 Impulsive buying.

Likewise, do not buy things that you do not necessarily need. Some Christmas gifts can be foregone, that impulsive reaction of reaching out to your wallet and just piling things you will not even use must be controlled.

5 Relations.

Mend your relationship with others during this festive period. Not only will it improve your network but it will also make you feel good.

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