Econet calls for patience from its clients amid poor service allegations.

Econet shut down its Ecocash services on Saturday and subsequently on Sunday to allow for some major upgrade to be done. The telecommunications company assured clients that service woul be restored to nomalcy on Monday but that seems not to be the case. Most people are crying foul over non access to ecocash services such as purchasing airtime and doing daily transactions. The company has called for patience from its vast clientele saying they are currently working on stability issues to optimize the availability of ecocash services across new platforms.

Of great concern to ecocash users is that almost all daily cash transactions revolve around the us of ecocash. The loss of service has resulted in great inconvenience. Most people lambasted Econet a few weeks ago for failing to address problems encountered when transacting using their platform. At times money would be deducted from their clients’ accounts after buying something but it would not be sent to the retailer. This resulted in hundreds of people losing their money and Ecocash failing to reimburse or account for that money.

The purpoted system upgrade was a breath of fresh air to consumers only to be disappointed yet again. Econet has the largest number of users in the country. Ecocash has become a very popular mode of transacting in light of the current cash shortages being experienced in the country.

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