Government drops bombshell: Fires 77 striking doctors

Government has made a shocking decision to fire 77 doctors for their participation in the ongoing strike. The doctors downed tools and cited incapacitation to report for work turning the health sector into a crisis in Zim. The strike has been raging on for 63 days now. The Health Services Board confirmed that development and said 77 out of 80 doctors had been fired for failure to report to work when government issued a directive for them to return to work.

The doctors have argued that they were not on strike and do not deliberately defy the directive but they simply did not have the means to report for work. Doctors have been lamenting poor remuneration and their wage negotiations have not yielded much results.

Advocate Fadzai Mahere said she sided with the doctors because the US 70 that they earn on a monthly basis is too paltry to sustain anyone. She said the cost of living has just gone too high for one to be earning such an amount.

Nurses have also joined in the strike and have raised the issue of not being able to report for work due to financial constraints. This includes nurses who work for city council. A few weeks ago, members of the Nation Prosecuting Authority did not report for work citing incapacitation.

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