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Haru Mutasa’s chilling tweet raises fear.

Zimbabwean journalist Haru Mutasa has raised alarm over her safety and well being following a chilling tweet that sh posted recently. Mutasa, who works for Al Jazeera, tweeted that she feels that she will die Young and when it happens at people will know that she knew it. The nerve wracking tweet has been a cause for concern with most of her followers encouraging her employer Al Jazeera to check up on her.

Most people have expressed grave concern over her mental well being and safety. Mutasa is a bold and sharp journalist whose impressive skills have earned her a job at such a major station as Al Jazeera.Her followers were genuinely concerned. Fellow television personality Mike Tashaya had this to say,”Hoping Haru takes a break and gets the help she needs and comes back fresh to continue to add her important opinions to this volatie Zim digital space. Wishing her good health..”.

Others have querried whether Mutasa is contemplating suicide as her message sounded somewhat suicidal. No one seems to know the origins or motivation behind the tweet but it has certainly sent some chills done the spines of many

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