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Heartbreaking songs about the Zimbabwean situation in 2019.

In the wake of a crippling economy and severe hardships, various singers have penned down songs to vent out their frustrations. We have compiled some of the songs that addressed the situation in Zimbabwe in 2019 .

1 Sani Makhalima – Vatiregerera.

The new song by Sani Makhalima is an emotional message to local authorities and leaders to quickly act on the Zimbabwean situation. The song was released following consistent police brutality on innocent civilians. The song itself speaks of how the current leadership has failed its own citizens hence the name “Vatiregerera”. Sani Makhalima is known for singing love songs but he deviatedfrom the norm in this song to air out his thoughts. He later on remarked that those who had the voice must speak.

2 Platinum Prince- Ndoyacho here president.

Zimdancehall artist Platinum Prince landed himself in hot soup after releasing a song aimed at the president. His lyrics are questions to the current government on whether what they had promised to people after taking over power in 2017 was what they were now delivering. Platinum Prince laments the fact that government sold fake dreams to its citizens and those in power do not seem to care. He was later abducted and tortured after landing from a show in South Africa.

3 Tocky vibes -Kudisser Masoja

Tocky vibes was also assaulted together with his pregnant wife following the release of a song attacking the way soldiers had pulled people during the August shootings. Tocky said he had lost all respect for soldiers after their brutal shooting of unarmed civilians who were merely protesting against poor living conditions. The August shootings are still deep in the minds of local citizens following the running amok of soldiers who fired at crowds in the capital city. Over 8 people were confirmed to have died in the shootings.

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