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“I know it’s tough out there but let’s keep these pregnancies” Mai Titi speaks out.

Local comedian Mai Titi has advised women not to go for abortions simply because they are facing difficulties in life or in their marriages. In an exclusive message on her Instagram, Mai Titi exhorted women to soldier on in spite of growing challenges. Mai Titi alleged that she also faced a lot of difficulties in her previous marriage.

Having had a child with another man, Mai Titi had been married to another man and stayed with him and his relatives. She had a string of miscarriages and when she finally fell pregnant with her daughter Tanatswa, she had faced more than enough resistance from her husband’s relatives to quit the marriage. She said she never considered aborting in spite of being severely sick most of the time. Mai Titi said her daughter has now become a successful young lady.

At only ten years old, she is a brand ambassador and a star. She is a prefect at her school and then young girl exudes confidence. Mai Titi encouraged women to hold on and keep their babies because they are a get from the almighty. She quizzed why anyone would dispose of a blessing bestowed upon them. Mai Titi said things might be tough but keeping your child is certainly worth it. Her story is a living testimony to all women out there.

Indeed Tanatswa has proved to a bright young girl with big dreams and a future filled with potential. She is already making money at such a tender age. The encouragement by Mai Titi comes in the midst of an ongoing debate led by Advocate Fadzai Mahere that women should abort if they want to and it must be entirely up to them to make that decision. Abortion is illegal in Zinbabwe hence some women have found themselves in dingy places for illegal abortions. One story that was recently aired out on Zbc newshour exposed some places in Mbare where unsafe abortions are being done.

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