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Inspirational:Four rural girls win National chess championship.

Four girls from rural Chivhu have made history by winning the National chess championships that were recently held. The four are students at Mudavanhu primary school. 3 of them are orphans and the other one heads a family. Amidst all the excitement of winning such a prestigious competition, the girls are in desperate and urgent need of cash injection in order to attend the Africa Youth Championships.

The girls need about US 5000 dollars in total to attend the championship. Advocate Fadzai Mahere highlighted the plight of the four girls and said she will assist in any way she can. She also assured those who would like to donate that she is willing to come and collect the money personally and will publish all the donations. She gushed at the success of the young ladies and wrote,”This is queen of Katwe all over again”, making reference to the movie about a young girl from Uganda who went on to win an international chess competition after being tutored by a missionary. This was her big ticket out of poverty.

Young people in Zimbabwe seem to have a knack for understanding chess. A recent story on national television revealed the story of a young boy in Harare who used to practice chess under a tree with some fellow community members. He later won the national chess competition. The young girls have so much potential and given the opportunity they are likely to make the nation proud. Those willing to donate can deposit money in a CBZ account number 02024145640018 which reflects Mudavanhu School. The branch is Chivhu Branch.

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