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Jah Prayzah takes some time to cool off in Dubai.

Jah Prayzah has taken some time off the studio for some relaxation and fun in Dubai. The Dzamutsana hitmaker posted some inage of himself in Dubai together with his manager Keen Mushapaidze and some crew members. The tall singer looked very comfortable and relaxed as he sipped on some refreshments near what appeared to be a beach. He captioned,”All work and no play makes Jaja a dull boy”.

It has indeed been a busy year for Jah Prayzah having launched his album Chitubu. The album features tracks such as Dzamutsana, chikomo and Kumahumbwe. He also released some breathtaking videos such as Chikomo. The artist has been hard at work with live shows and international tours. It was only befitting that he takes some time to cool off in the heart of Dubai. His fans felt the singer clearly deserved a break from his busy musical schedule.

Dubai has become a vacation hotspot for most local celebrities. Prominent names such as Pokello, Ginimbi and Madam boss occasionally visit Dubai for some fun and exploration. Jah Prayzah rose to fame with a number of hit songs including Gochi gochi and Mudhara achauya. He has been consistent in his delivery of world class music and videos. He has been recognised several times with both local and regional awards.

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