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Kim Jayde opens up about being bullied in a new show.

Television presenter and model Kin Jayde has for the first time opened up about being bullied at school in a new exclusive show. The show had it’s first episode aired yesterday on her you tube channel. The model discussed how bullying had affected her self esteem at school.

She also encouraged those who are experiencing the same problem or who have in the past to come forward. Kim said bullying has a major and lasting effect on one’s self esteem and sense of self worth and has a direct link to anxiety, depression and even suicide. She said she knew most people could relate to those feelings. Kim also remarked,”I show my scars so that others may know they can heal”.

The television presenter was commended for her show and encouragement to victims of bullying which is often brushed aside leading to dire consequences. Bullying has being rampant in today’s world with victims being bullied at school, work and online. Many people have resorted to self harm, drugs and even suicide in order to escape from bullying. Kim said she hopes her story will reach someone.

A few weeks ago, a social media troll had descended upon Kim, body shaming her and saying she had a late chest. The model was quick to reprimand him and put him in his place. She sad it was unwarranted bullying for someone to comment so negatively about her body.

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