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Madam boss’ potrayal of stepmothers commended.

Madam boss has once again managed to capture the attention of viewers with a skit based on the start reality of being raised by a stepmother. The comedian loves to raise awareness on daily struggles and her work is indeed commendable. In the new skit Madam boss potrays a good stepmother and an evil one. The good stepmother dedicates her time and effort in taking care of her husband’s kids, she ensures they are well fed and warm. Her tone is soft, motherly and full of love.

Then comes in the evil stepmother whose sole purpose is to harass her husband’s children. She i’ll treats them, does not allow them to sit on the couch and threatens them with acts of violence should try report these issues to their father. The new video by Madam boss has been hailed as a warranted eye opener on the fate of children left behind by their biological mothers. The comedian also commented that being a mother is an in born gift and not necessarily an issue of one having carried the child in their womb.

Most people echoed the same sentiments and applauded the comedian for her excellent potrayal of both the good and the bad stepmother. Others even opened up about their experiences as they were growing up in the care of stepmothers. Madam boss has previously done videos on ill treatment of patients by nurses and the plight of housemaids in some homes.

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