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Mixed reactions over Enzo’s new music video.

The new music video by Enzo ishall has invoked mixed reactions. The new offering is titled Highest score. Enzo penned down his lyrics in English, a total deviation from his usuak use of the Shona language much to the dissapointment of his loyal fans. Futhermore, the singer opted for different visuals with a lot of effects unlike his trademark ordinary videos.

Most people have been lambasting the zimdancehall artist for abandoning his normal singing style and opting to go all English. Some of his fans said the song lacks that Enzo magical effect. Others to claimed that the song was a total waste if energy as it did not appeal to his huge following. Leading the protest on why Enzo did things differently this time around was controvesial entertainer queen Tatelicious who advised Enzo to break free of his pact with Passion Java. She said Java was not a good influence to the young artist and was destroying his brand. She said the visuals in the song which depict a league of strong, powerful elites wining ,dining and sealing deals was not the typical Enzo style.

Others have however come to the defence of Enzo citing that he had made a hit song which appealed to the international market. Buffalo Souljah said most local artists were limited in terms of thinking how to market their songs internationally. He said Enzo had done a sterling job on the song. Buffalo lambasted those who were criticising the song and said singing in English was actually a good strategy as it made the video more marketable.

Enzo has previously released songs such as 50 Magate, muchiround and fear no man. He rose to fame with his song Kanjiva which went on to win several awards and was voted the song of the year in 2019.

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