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Rare photo of ED without scarf causes furore.

A rare photo of Zimbabwean president Emmerson Mnangagwa without a scarf has caused commotion online. ED, as he is affectionately known, usually wears his all weather scarf when attending international meetings. ED is currently in Dubai to try and woo investors as part of his “Zimbabwe is open for business” mantra.

In one of his meetings with Edith Chibhamu, a Zimbabwean business woman based in Dubai, ED is pictured without his scarf. Zuva Habane could not resist to comment that the president actually looked dashing without his scarf on. Word has it that the president is currently securing some deals with the Arabs in a bid to enhance the country’s economy. Chibhamu seems to have grown so much influence in the Arab nation.

The infamous scarf had been on sale for years but it was popularised by the president. It sold out at the ZITF last year with scores of people scrambling to get the scarf which has become a national emblem. The president wears it whenever he is attending international summits, local rallies, meetings and even during his meal times when travelling. It has gained popurlarity as the ED scarf.

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