Senior doctors join strike.

The health sector in Zimbabwe has been plunged into further crisis following the recent downing of tools by senior doctors. The doctors have vowed not to return to work until the junior docyors that were fired have been reinstated.

Following a strike by junior doctots in all major public hospitals, governmeny dropped a bombshell and fired over 448 doctors fot their absence from work. The doctors had pleaded incapacitation . Senior doctors have now accused the government of bullying.

The senior Hospital Doctors Association wrote,”We regret to inform you that,the SDHA has agreed with its members who had remained behind offering emergency services to the hospitals,that we are no longer able to offer any emergencies services as from 26th November until all fored doctors are reinstated and there is adequate redressal of their incapacitation”.

The minister of health Obadiah Moyo said that although he had not yet received the letter from the senior doctors,he was aware that they were no longer reporting for duty. The health sector in Zimbabwe has become a ticking time bomb and many people have already died as a result of lack of drugs,machines and resources in pibic hospitals.

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