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Sho Madjozi challenge rocks Instagram

Africa has been hit by an epidemic. That of people dancing off to Sho Madjozi’s John Cena. The song has indeed become a continental household. It has even crossed over to other continents and people can’t seem to get enough of the Madjozi fever. Most people have been posting videos of their Sho Madjozi challenge on Instagram. The most popular videos are those re enacting Sho Madjozi’s mood when she received a suprise visit from John Cena as she was perfoming at the Kelly Clarkson show.

A lot of people especially those from South Africa have been dressing up like the bubbly and energetic singer and singing along to the John Cena song. Another one would appear behind, hands folded and chest out like John Cena to suprise the singer. The challenge has been trending online and some of the videos are simply hillarious.

Sho Madjozi emerged as one of the top young artists of 2019. She even bagged a BET award and various other accolades. In his keynote address on heritage day, president Cyril Ramaphosa implored South African artists to emulate Sho Madjozi who usually sings in her native language thereby spreading South African culture and influence across boarders. The Madjozi fever seems to have spread far with videos from all over Africa flooding the internet. Sho Madjozi has indeed sparked a wave of entertainment because of her infectious energy and hype.

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