St Therese students expelled for passionate love making video.

Nine students from St Therese school have been expelled following the surfaing of a video in which they were kissing and fondling each other passionately. The video was recorded by a fellow student and on of the girls involved in the lovemaking game could be heard chuckling “Leave me alone” to the person recording. The video caused outrage and most people lambasted the school authorities for their laxity in supervising students.

The students could be seen making love in the four corners of a classroom. Some were standing whilst other sat on a chair. The four couples were so engrossed in their steamy shenanigans that they did not give a care that someone was recording them. They have since been expelled.

St Theres is located 60 from Rusape. The school head Mrs E Mudiwa is said to have refused to comment on the issue o various publications. Most people have attributed such behaviour by the students to over exposure to harmful content such as pornography. Advancements in technology have made it easier for you guys people to view adult content. Furthermore, the urges of adolescence have also been a major factor in such cases.

The video had set tongues wagging an most people had expressed shock at the daring acts of the four young couples. Many have, however, been wondering where the school authorities had been when this whole drama was unfolding.

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