Top 8 branding tips for your company.

Starting your own brand can be a daunting task. You simply need to follow these 8 tips to break into the mainstream.

1 Define your brand.

You must clearly set out your mission, who your potential customers are, where you intend to get them and how you want to execute yor service delivery. A powerful brand identity is key.

2 Unique selling point.

Have your own unique selling proposition. This is what differentiates you from other competitors. This incoudes issues of good pricing and quality products perculiar to your brand. The main thrust here is to cconvince customers to switch from their usual brand to yours.

3 Good name and eye catching logo.

Having a strong name and attractive logo is key. People must be blown away by the name first before even hearing about your service. You must also consider your target market when designing your logo. What appeals to the younger generation may not be so attractive to the older folk.

4 Business cards.

With the advent of the digital space most business people often forget the traditional way of harvesting clients, business cards. It is still an essential part of the ease of doing business.

5 Website Have a company website.

It has an outstanding reach compared to other platforms.

6 Quality products and excellent service. You can never go wrong when you deliver quality products and offer amazing service. This is what sets the best from the rest. Imagine the number of customers Apple has because of its quality products.

7 Social media Social media plays an important role in attracting customers. Billions of people spend hours on Facebook, instagram, Twitter and other platforms.

8 Brand consistency.

Do not lower your standards once you start amassing clients. Be consistent

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