US embassy pumps out 422k to local civil groups.

The US embassy recently gave away over 422 000 to local civil organizations. He congratulated the 16 recipients of the money which was released through the Small Grants Program. The program funds a variety of community based agricultural, business and health development projects.

The annual funding is aimed at allowing young people to serve their communities and unlock their potential. The US ambassador, Brian Nichols said the handing over of the money was a sign of the long-standing commitment to the people of Zimbabwe. The US embassy has been religiously identifying creative and innovative civil groups and funding them to contribute to the development of the country.

The ambassador commended the initiative and hard work by local people and stated,”The people of Zimbabwe are facing great economic challenges, but everywhere I go, from Harare to Hwange, I see enormous potential and resilience”.

Most people have applauded the US embassy for its donation and exhorted the beneficiaries to be disciplined and use the money for tge betterment of the country through their various projects.

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