ZESA distances itself from the infamous “to hell with you too” tweet.

ZESA has distanced itself from the infamous “To help with you too” tweet that is currently doing the rounds on social media. The tweet was made by a company alleging to be a parody of ZETDC. ZESA has denied any association with the author of that tweet and climed that there are two fake accounts namely @ZETDC01 and @OfficialZetdc.

In an official statement ZESA stated,”These accounts are run by impostors and scammers who use them to mislead and defraud unsuspecting members of the public”. The power utility company advised people to ignore messages from these two platforms. They said people must not fall prey to such scams.

The statement comes at a time when a customer who had sworn at ZETDC received major clap back from the site and the news has been spreading like wildfire prompting Zesa to make an official statement. Zesa has assured customers that it is working towards addressing the problem. They stated,”ZETDC is taking steps to ensure that the account is closed including reporting the fake account to Twitter”. They advised people to report that account as well.

Some people have not been convinced by the explanation tendered and still insist that the account belongs to ZETDC as highlighted on its page. Zesa has been under fire for some time after its rationing of electricity leading to 18 hour power cuts in mat parst of the country. It has also been lambasted for poor electricity policies and for getting itself into this mess by its previous habit of giving electricity to ministers without receiving any payments. Minister July Moyo was recently dragged to court for failing to settle a 300 000 power bill for electricity supplied to his farm

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