92 year old granny loses tooth as she tries to bite rapist.

A 92 year old grandmother from Masvingo recently lost a tooth as she tried to bite the man who was raping her. The old lady who resides at Chikwaya village under chief Chikwanda in Masvingo rural district was abducted from her house at night by the rapist. She was sleeping in a hut and he opened the door and carried her to the bush.

The rapist ravaged the old woman the whole night. The girl who had been in the same room with the old lady had rushed to infrom villagers that someone had taken her grandmother away. A search was conducted that night but did not yield any results. She was found the following morning in distress. She was hospitalized ay Masvingo Provincial hospital and complained of severe back pain and on her organ. The rapist is yet to be nabbed.

The disturbing incident occurred at a time when the country and the rest of the world is commemorating 16 days of activisim against gender based violence. Masvingo residents are in shock over the incident and those who live alone without male figures at their houses are fearing for their safety. Cases of rape have been on the increases in Zimbabwe.

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