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Khama Billiat teams up with daughter to end gender based violence#16 days of activisim against gender based violence.

Khama Billiat recently teamed up with his daughter Kim to highlight their concerns against gender based violence. The football star is one of the many voices advocating for awareness on the impact of gender based violence. As the nation and the rest of the world commemorate 16 days of activisim against gender based violence many celebrities have been sending a voice to the cause. In the short video clip shared by the football star he encouraged people to take a no as a no.

Gender based violence has become a common trend in the country with most people especially in underprivileged communities. A recent report by this publication exposed how a 92 year old granny was raped by an unknown assailant the whole night. Cases of domestic abuse, assault and bodily harm have been on the increase. Khama Billiat joins a list of prominent names such as Ba Shupi, Patience Musa and misred who have been actively involved in speaking out against gender based violence. With the country’s dwindling economic growth and general poverty abuse has become common as people vent their frustrations on each other.

Although safeguards such as the implementation of the Domestic violence Act have been put in place, violence against men,woemn and children is still a daily occurrence.The number if reported incidents of such heinous acts is worrying. A few weeks ago a woman from Norton was reporetedly thrashed by her husband and sustained head injuries after refusing to vacate their family house so that the husband could accommodate his girlfriend. The woman said the husband had beaten her mercilessly for over ten years. Sadly, there are so many similar incidents that go unreported.

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