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Local hot shot lawyer awarded top prize in Dubai

Brenda Matanga a hotshot intellectual property lawyer was recently awarded a major award for her hard work and intelligence. The sharp legal mind is the managing attorney at BMatanga intellectual property Attorneys in Zimbabwe. She was awarded the top 50 Emerging I.P players award 2019 through the IPR Gorrilla. IPR is a global IP consultancy group that recognized her through her research committee on the basis of her experience and expertise in the I.P industry. The award was conferred at the IPR Gorrilla conference in Dubai on 20 November 2019.

It was certainly a great honor bestowed upon Matanga. She is one of the female leaders raising the country’s flag high on the global scale. Matanga also made a presentation on the same conference on “Developing the best and successful strategies in intellectual property portfolio prosecution”. The legal fraternity in the country is largely male dominated and for a female to penetrate the industry and make such achievements is commendable.

Matanga was congratulated by fellow colleagues and the nation at large. Intellectual property rights are somewhat still not being taken seriously in Zimbabwe with issues of patents and passing off being topical of late. In his 2020 national budget, the finance minister said government was going to capapcitate institutions that dealt with intellectual property rights issues.

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