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Nasty C causes furore ahead of his Ivyson tour.

South African rapper Nasty C has been torching up a storm with his schools tour in Zimbabwe. The youthful rapper has been touring local schools ahead of he Ivyson tour which is scheduled for 21 December 2019. The singer is expected to give his fans the show of a lifetime just like he did in South Africa. He decided to round off the last leg of the Ivyson tour in the country.

He has however, been inspiring other young kids through scheduled school tours. The singer caused commotion at St John’s high school Emerald hill, when one student was left howling in tears citing that she had not been afforded an opportunity to greet the singer. School kids scrambled to get the attention of the singer.

Nasty C will be joined by King 98, Enzo ishall,Kikky badass and Takura among others. His schools tour has seen him visiting schools such as Roosevelt girls high, St John’s emerald hill and Girls high school. The artist said the Ivyson tour is an opportunity for him to connect with his fans. He has also been holding meetings with local celebrities such as the comic pastor.

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