Top 10 night driving tips.

1. Headlights must be correctly focused. You mut not blind or dazzle oncoming users.

2. Get rid of any dirt on headlights. Ensure they are shiny. Replace old hazy headlights.

3. Be on the lookout for norctunal animals. Some can be deadly.Stick to raid limits. Slow down when you spot an animal from afar.

4. Ensure your windscreen is clean and clear of any dirt for better visibility.

5. Ensure your wing mirrors are not dirty.

6. Inside rear view mirror must be on the night or auto dim setting which darkens the mirror a bit thereby preventing glare caused by vehicles behind you.

7. Do not drive tired or drink and drive. If you feel drowsy stop and take a break.

8 Get your eyes checked by a specialist if you have problems with night vision.

9. Watch out for vulnerable road users such as young children, the elderly and cyclists.

10. Do not drive under pressure. Travel well in time so you don’t have to rush and overspeed

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