Top 10 ways you can help your child cope with exam stress.

Exam time can be quite stressful for your child. You can help ease the tension by employing a few smart tricks. These can help your child relax and not to get overly anxious. We have compiled some tips to help you help your child deal with exa stress.

1. Help your child plan a study schedule well in advance. Explain to him that it is good to have a clear, realistic plan of what needs to be covered in each study session.

2. Put a desk in his room and help him find somewhere quiet where he will not be interrupted

3. Encourage your child to study past exam papers in order to have a clue about what to expect. He must also make a list of things that he is unsure of and ask the teacher before the exam day.

4. Taking frequent breaks can help ease his mind.

5. Offer to help by listening to your child or even practising with him as he studies.

6. Plan a healthy study routine of going to bed early, eating regurlaly to maintain a stable blood sugar level, drinking lots of water to stay hydrated and making some time for exercise and fun.

7. Help your child to make “mind maps” to collect ideas and summarise thoughts.

8. Avoid fast foods. The resulting crash in blood sugar may leave your child feeling tired and flat.

9. Reduce added family commitments and chores over exam time. Do not nag your child as they are already under exam pressure.

10. If possible get your child some healthy natural supplemements to wad off anxiety and fatigue.

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