Top 5 advantages of giving birth naturally.

1. You avoid the risks involved with having major surgery. Some women do not wake up from sedation for a ceasarean section. Others get complications post surgery. With natural birth such issues are not common.

2. Your baby receives beneficial bacteria as it passes out through the birth canal during natural birth. It ingests bacteria that is crucial for gut health.

3. You are more likely to have a short hospital stay and a quick recovery when you give birth naturally. This will give you more time to bond with your bundle of joy unlike with surgery where you constantly have to be monitored and have your wound dressed in hospital. They are also other restrictions such as not being allowed to take a full bath or move around so as not to disturb your surgery wound.

4. You are also more likely to engage in early breastfeeding when you do natural birth.

5. Natural birth saves you money. In Zimbabwe , surgery will costuou an arm and a leg. The hospital fees are simply too high. The natural birth option is cheap, effective and more convenient

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