Top 5 instant ways to bring back the spark in your relationship.

1. Try some new experiences together.

One of the major feel good chemicals to fuel love is dopamine. Because it thrives on Nobel experiences,dopamine floods your brain at the start of a new relationship. Over time, it significantly drops thereby making you feel out of love. But do not despair for you simply need to try out new experiences to get back in that mood. This includes taking new dance classes together, trying out new sex positions or even sky diving. The dopamine boost that you will get will instantly rejuvenate your live for each other.

2. Exercise

If you want to relive those days of passionate and insatiable lust for your patner make your way to the gym. Patners who exercise regurlaly are known to be more happy and comfortable in their relationships. The new and transformed you will also get more attention from your spouse.

3. Listen

In the early days of courtship or marriage you would hang onto every word that your patner uttered. If you realise you no longer have interest in in conversations, then it is time to rethink your approach. When your oatner is talking to you, try to give him full attention. Turn your entire body to face him and do nothing but listen.

4. Dress up

This is guranteed to boost your relationship. Invest in looking good. Put on some make up, get your hair done and do not reserve clothes for special occasions. Rather wear nice clothes most of the time.

5. Flirt

You can flirt physically or through your phone. Send your patner some flirty, suggestive messages. Let him or her know your feelings for them are still very much alive.

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