Top 5 ways to get rid of bitterness.


Bitterness involves blaming someone other than yourself for whatever problem you are dealing with. In order to move forward and let go of this bad energy vibe, you have to learn to forgive. Holding onto to excess emotional baggage drains your energy which you could be using for other positive things.

2. Stop the blame game

Placing the blame on others is a natural way of shielding our insecurities and boost our self esteem. But blaming others shows lack of confidence to own up to our own mistakes. Take charge of your life, acknowledge your short falls and move on.

3. Set a target

Make a decision on where you want to take your life, write it down and set to achieve it no matter what. Adjust your goals as you go along and this will stop negative emotions from overtaking your mind leading to bitterness.

4. Challenge your thoughts

Much of the stress associated with bitterness is a product of your own thoughts. Have positive thinking and dispel negative thoughts from your mind.

5. Do not sleep on it.

Do not go to bed without resolving a problem. It will not just go away or resolve itself. Losing sleep can have detrimental effects in your health so you would rather solve the problem than toss and turn all night thinking about it.

6. Exercise it out

A good regurlar work out regime will also help as you will produce endorphins. This feel good chemical promotes enhanced well being and renewed optimism. Meditation based exer such as you can also help improve your mood.

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