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Top 6 celebrities who bought new cars in 2019

Local celebrities have been splashing on new cars in 2019. These range from simple basic models to state of the art cars. This a list of local celebrities who purchased new cars in 2020.

1. Khama Billiat

The soccer star treated himself to a brand new Range Rover estimated to be worth US 2.5 million dollars. He could not help but share images of himself in front of his new set of wheels.

2. Passion Java

The man of cloth bragged about his new yellow Lamborghini which cost a whooping US 500 000. This was a welcome addition to his never ending fleet of luxurious cars and a helicopter. Levels indeed.

3. Dj Anusa

The born free crew front man purchased a 2018 Merc which he captioned “new bae” on Instagram.

4. Justice Mayor Wadyajena

The legislator caused furore when he bought his Lamborghini early this year. Most people querried where he had aquired money to buy such an expensive car to which he replied that he was a self made millionaire who had started earning a lot of money in his 20’s.

5. Peter Moyo

The Sungura musisician was gifted with a BMW 323 by his girlfriend Caroline Makamache on his birthday this year. He remarked,”I was not expecting to get such a present,even now I am still surprised. I just can’t believe how much I am loved”

6. Luminista. The curvy socialite has an eye for the finer things in life.She recently bought a 2020 Jeep.

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