Top 6 job tips as an intern.

1 Be willing to learn

Internship is all about learning and developing good work ethics and tips. Do not be resistant when someone corrects you or tries to show you the ropes. This is an important learning curve for you.

2 Do not be overzealous

In an attempt to please your boss do not be overzealous. Be calm, do your things properly and consistently.

3 Be punctual

Punctuality is key. It is a principle that can determine whether you will eventually get the job or not. Do other be late for work or meetings. Try by all means to meet deadlines

4 Dress code

Dressing appropriately might be a major problem for interns as they lack the necessary resources to purchase new work clothes. This however does not mean you should turn up for work in unsuitable apparel. Try to wear clothes that are required at where you are interning.

5 Go the extra mile

You must give your bosses your best shot. Go the extra mile, out in the hours and offer to do extra menial work like research and ensuring everything is on point. This will score you extra points

6 It’s not all about money.

Interns rarely get paid and when they do it is usually a small fee. Do not be discouraged by this.do your best,work hard and you will reap the rewards in the end.

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