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19 year old Zimbabwean becomes U.K’s youngest pilot.

Zimbabwean born Seth Van Beek is now the youngest pilot in the U.K. He migrated to Europe after finishing his GCSE’s. He is only 19. Seth recently made the headlines when he successfully finished his training to become the youngest pilot in the U.K against all odds. Seth started his journey by Egnatia Aviation training college in Greece at a tender age of 16 after passing the extremely difficult entrance tests. He later on enrolled at the intensive 85 000 pounds flight school and was successful. Seth received his licence after 18 gruelling months of training and clocking up to 150 hours in the air.

Seth said he has always dreamt of being a pilot. He remarked,”Flying has always been my dream. There was nothing else that I had ever wanted to do and there is nothing I would contemplate doing”. The story of Seth is truly inspirational to all the young people and proves that indeed the sky is the limit. The spirited young man vowed not to dissapoint his mother and confessed that she played a crucial role in making his flying dreams a success.

Zimbabwe boasts of numerous young people that are making waves worldwide and Seth happens to be in our list of the most inspirational young people of 2020. Most people have applauded the young man for his resilience and for working hard to make his dreams a reality.

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