Auxilia Mnangagwa named “Woman of distinction”.

Auxilia Mnangagwa was recently honoured yet again for her humanitarian work and community initiatives. Global Women of Excellence named her as “Zimbabwean woman of Distinction” for the 2019-2020 period. They recognised her charitable leadership in organizations, support of education, health and community initiatives. The first lady is renowned for advocating for all women and girls to have access to free cervical cancer screening especially those in less priviledged communities.

The first lady has been applauded many a times for her immense contribution to various sectors in the country. Victoria Parker, the co chair of the event that recognized Auxilia described the first lady as an exquisite human being, magnificent wife and life patner, superb mother and an outstanding first lady who represents the country brilliantly world wide.

Others on the list and in the top 5 include Elizabeth Tsvangirai, Edith Chibhamu,Lorcadia Karimatsenga and Pokello Nare. Auxilia has often been lambasted for what people term “a popularity farcade”. She is one lady who does not cringe at the thought of going on all fours to scrub floors or cook on open fire for the elderly. Unlike her predecessor first lady, Auxilia is humble and a true representation of a first lady.

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