Beitbridge teacher kneels down in front of v.p Mohadi and begs for a salary raise.

A Beitbridge teacher has been commended for his show of bravery after going down on all fours and lneeling in front of Vice president Kembo Mohadi to put across his message. The teacher implored Mohadi to put in word for teacher’s salaries to be increased. Poloko Malapela is a teacher at Dhulivadzimu school and he showed balls of steel when he begged the v.p to ensure that the money earned by teachers is raised. Malapela was the MC at the funeral of Mohadi’s nephew. He drew both sympathy and praise from the crowd as he crouched to make his message heard. He stated,” I have a request v.p Mohadi. I am going to kneel down to drive home this important message to you”. This made the crowd to roar in both admiration and pity. Malapela then continued,”We are suffering and life has become hard and can you please put word for us so we can have a salary raise”.

Mohadi did not respond to the please but merely nodded his head. He had earlier on explained that if government injected more cash into the system it would then have inflationary consequences. Indeed teachers have been struggling to make ends meet with the paltry salaries they earn. Some have resorted to holding extra lessons in order to earn extra income.

Teachers have threatened to strike if their concerns are not addressed. Those in rural areas are the most hard hit as they also have to deal with the challenge of inadequate resources at rural schools. It remains to be seen whether Mohadi will take heed to the pleas for mercy. Civil servant are generally underpaid which has led to an upsurge of corrupt activities at government institutions

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