“Beng home is the best feeling ever” Lorraine Guyo shares sweet memories.

Lorraine Guyo recently had people in awe as she shared images of her recent visit to her grandparent’s house in Masvingo. The young actress and comedian took some time out of her hectic schedule to show some love to her elderly grandparents. Lorraine is super proud of her roots and often pays a visit fo her rural home. She shared images of her with her grandparents and other relatives and wrote, “Being home is the best feeling ever”.

Indeed she looked very cosy and so en engrossed in having a good time with her loved ones. Lorraine indeed is a woman of humility and never shys away from her roots. The comedian rose to fame after posting a short video asking men to ask her out as Valentine’s day was fast approaching. The scandal that followed was a blessing in disguise as she ended up getting several endorsements nfrom companies such as JanJam and Skylake boreholes. Lorraine has not looked back once and continues to make a name for herself. She recently launched her own company. One major thing that we learn from the celeb is that no matter the amount of fame one achieves, charity begins at home and no matter how much one travels up the success ladder, there is no place like home.

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