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Bounty Lisa dates Magaya.

Zimdancehall artist Bounty Lisa was recently seen at prophet Walter Magaya’s church. The hitmaker had a protruding growth on her thigh. Bounty Lisa has been quiet for some time in spite of having announced a major comeback about two years ago. Bounty Lisa was once married to fellow zimdancehall artist Soul Jah Love but the two went their bseperate ways after she accused him of being abusive. Bounty Lisa has since turned to God and was hoping to find healing and Deliverance at prophet Walter Magaya’s church in Waterfalls. The church has, of late, become a hotspot for celebrities wishing to meet their God and get solutions to life’s problems.

Magaya is famous for performing healing miracles. Another musician Tendai Chidarikire made headlines a few years ago when he sought healing services at the church following some complications with his legs. He later on gave his testimony that he had been totally healed and could make full use of his legs and dance like he used to before the complications. Bounty Lisa’s fans were full of words of Hope and encouragement.

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