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Burna Boy honored by Angelique Kidjo as she dedicates her Grammy award to him.

Angelique Kidjo, the award winning singer from Benin left many people gasping in amazement recently when she dedicated her Grammy award to Nigerian singer Burna Boy. Kidjo and Burna boy were up against each other in the Best World Music category. This is Kidjo’s fourth Grammy award. Burna boy has become a worldwide sensation and most people said the dedication was well deserved.

In recognising Burna boy Kidjo had this to say,”Four years ago on this stage, I was telling you that the new generation of artists coming from Africa are going to take you by storm. And the time has come. This is for Burna boy. Burna boy is among those young artists that come from Africa that is changing the way our continent is perceived and the way African music has been the bedrock of every music”.

Burna boy has collaborated with the likes of AKA. His last album African giant achieved worldwide success. The soft spoken artist is clearly talented ad his unique African beat and lyrics have made his music marketable to the international audience Such recognition of our African artists really showcases the abundance of talent in our continent. Angelique herself is considered a legend in music circles having started her career decades ago.

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