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Chatunga and ex expose bedroom shenanigans online.

Things took a nasty turn on Instagram recently when a popular zimbabwean page posted an image of Chatunga, the son of the late president Robert Mugabe. A seemingly bitter ex girlfriend of Chatunga by the moniker name Mimi Charasa then made a humiliating comment about Chatunga’s manhood prompting him to respond. What followed was a bitter exchange of words that left many people with mouths agape as juicy details of their bedroom shenanigans were exposed.

Chatunga accused Mimi of being a bitter ex and that she was a true lady of the night who slept around with most of the patrons after being offered money at Dreams club which is owned by Ginimbi. Mimi clapped back and said Chatun Chatunga was not able to offer her anything appealing and the brawl continued. Social media has been on overdrive with most people castigating the duo for airing dirty linen in public.

Chatunga has always been known as a ladies man. He has also been involved in several scandals involving women such as his altercation with the daughter of health minister O. Moyo. Zuva Habane sent some sister advice to Mimi and advised her to stop talking about men that she had slept with negatively as this would make all her other clients run away for fear of their bedroom business being exposed.

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