Civil servants scorn at meat on credit facility.

Social media has been flooded with comments about a new credit facility introduced by a meat processing company. SPT myama is offering meat to civil servants on credit. Their motto “eat now,pay later” has become a common joke online. The company is lending meat including pork, beef and chicken and pork ranging from 5 to 20 kg There have been mixed reactions to this loan facility. Most people have argued that while it is common cause that civil servants are indeed underpaid and struggling to make ends meet, such an arrangement will only worsen their plight as it will make them sink deeper into debt.

Some said it is totally unreasonable to get credit for something like meat which after consuming today, most people will be at pains to pay tommorow. A few commended the company for such an initiative. The situation in the country has sadly, forced many people to adhere to a diet without meat as it has become very expensive. The recent mockery by the president that people must eat vegetables and potatoes instead of meat has caused outrage.

Well, it remains to be seen whether civil servants will heed to the call to come and get meat on credit. The company is located at Chiedza house which is at Kwame Nkrumah and First street.

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