Did Winky D steal the beats used in his latest album?

After much raving and bragging by Winky D fans of his new album Njema, the singer’s credibility has been dealt a major blow following accusations that he stole some of the beats to his songs. In a recent development on social media, an uncle to renowned producer Young DLC, lambasted the singer’s producer for stealing beats sent to him for consideration and passing them as his own for Winky D’s album. The accusation comes at a time when Winky D’s fans are still trying to fathom the exciting news songs by the artist. The beats purpoted to have been stolen are said to have been used on the song Chandelier.

It is alleged that a contract was even signed showing that the beats belonged to young DLC and some WhatsApp texts were also circulated on social media. Winky D’s management team was mum on the allegations. Young DLC has produced beats for popurlar musicians such as Mlindo. He is a songwriter and producer. The young talented producer was an in house producer at Coke Studio in Kenya for years and also has an impressive portfolio in South Africa. Winky D’s new album has been positively reviewed by many and features songs such as Sekai, Chandelier, area 51 and Siya so.

Fans had been requesting for new music from the dancehall gaffer and he heeded to their calls on 31 December last year. It remains unknown whether indeed Winky D’s producer ripped off the young amn of his beats or not but the truth of the matter is that Njema is one hell of an album with him songs that will entertain people for decades to come

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