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Exclusive interview with young designer who has made a huge breakthrough in the fashion industry.

Youth village holds an exclusive interview with one of the best designers in town Designer Ten. The young dreadlocked designer has made a huge breakthrough in the fashion industry having designed and sewn clothes for prominent people such as rapper TGonz and Ray vines. The young designer has made such an impression in the industry that most people are flocking to his studio to have unique and trendy designs done for them.

1 YV How you Tendai. Welcome to the youth village digital platform. Please tell us about yourself.

DT:Thank you very much Youth village.My name is Tendai Chibanda. Born 06 July 1999.In my family we are four(4) children and i am the last born.I was born and bred in Harare in a surbub called Crowborough north.

2. YV:What inspired you to go into fashion designing and sewing?

DT : I loved colour blending and trending fashions since i was a toddler so when i finished my A level i started designing and sewing at home and i decided to take it seriously.

3 YV What kind of clothing do you mainly specialise in?

DT: I am a young designer and i mainly design streetwear ,by streetwear i mean trending designs for teens eg cargo pants ,tracksuits etc

5. Where are you currently based?.

DT :Right now i am based in Harare Zimbabwe at cnr harare n charter ,Malawi house room 7

6. YV Tell us about the challenges you have faced in the fashion industry and how you were able to overcome them.

DT: I have faced challenges like lack of recognition and support. I have tackled the challenges by advertising my products in schools and shops. Now they recognise me and i am getting orders from those kind of people.

7. YV: What does the future hold for you. Where do you see yourself in five years time?

DT: In five years time i see myself as one of Africa ‘s best designers. I would also like to be able to employ other people

8 YV:Do you have any regrets?

DT:I do have them. At O.level I chose Agriculture instead of Fashion and Fabrics(textile technology)

9 You mentioned that you are also into music. What type of music do you do?

DT:Thank you.Designer ten is multi talented. I am also into music.I do Hip hop /Rap . I am one of the TenFlos duo.TenFlos is made up of Teezy Flos and me (Ten D Ranx)

14 YV: How did the name Designer Ten come about?

DT: my real name is Tendai so Ten its jus a short cut when i started designing i just decided to call my self” designer ten”. That’s how i came up with the name.

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