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Levels:Famous people that Kuda Manase has rubbed shoulders with.

Kuda Manase is the son of top lawyer Wilson Manase. The young visionary has his productions company called four promotions. He is based in the United States. Kuda also started his own clothing range of funky and unique pieces called junk merch. Most people know this young and vibrant lad through his famous Instagram posts with popurlar Hollywood celebrities. Kuda has indeed managed to create both work and personal relationships with some of the biggest names in international news. He has rubbed shoulders with prominent stars such as Meagan good, Trevor Noah and Sean Combs.

Kuda caused a stir on social media when he posted a short video as he coaxed Meagan good into visiting the local surburb of Mbare.

Kuda also shared an image of him meeting with Trevor Noah.

He then wrote,”Had a whole conversation in sign language”. Apparently Trevor Noah is not allowed to speak up for professional reasons. The two however seemed to have a blast.

Kuda also met the father of rapper Drake, Dennis Graham. He said Graham had asked for some of the junk merch stuff.

Kuda has also encountered South African rapper AKA.

A recent post on his Instagram page shows Kuda with legendary singer Sean Combs. One is left wondering whether Kuda simply has magnetic force that attracts the stars to him but it is no secret that the young man is full of energy and a true representation of life itself. Well we do envy him and wish we could be in his shoes.

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