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Lumumba serves us some eye candy!

Acie Lumumba has been serving us some eye candy. The controversial former Zanu Pf loyalist joined the bandwagon by sharing a profile for his Facebook,tinder, Instagram and linked in profile pictures in a game that has become very common worldwide. Celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres have been sharing such profiles with a picture that suits each of the socila media platforms. On his linked in profile Lumumba puts on his very best professional image reminiscent of a serious business looking lad. There is however a big deviation when it comes to his facebook image in which he looks quite relaxed and more outgoing. His Instagram picture reflects good camera work. The tinder image has however set tongues wagging and has had the ladies weak at the knees.

Lumumba shares a steaming hot image in which he appears shirtless. His super abs really look on point as well as glistening dark skin. This picture has sent social media into overdrive. Lumumba is no stranger to causing a stir online. Just recently he posted a video in which he is seen dancing without a care with his wife on holiday in the Maldives. It is that carefree attitude that attracts most people to Lumumba. Lumumba is known for his sharp tongue and for telling it like it is. He has often ruffled some feathers of political figures by publishing their misdemenours. For now we are just content with feasting our eyes on his gorgeous pics

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