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Macdee pens down emotional message to his blessers.

Macdee had nothing but praise and gratitude for the sponsors that replaced his stolen studio equipment. The award winning producer took to social media to thank some cooperates that had taken the initiative to give him new and better equipment than the one that was stolen. Macdee lost some valuable studio stuff to thieves a few weeks ago. He appealed for help in tracking down the thieves and said anyone who sees the equipment being sold in the streets could contact him. He sounded distraught as his tools of trade had been taken away. The producer is safely up and running now with the new equipment that was gifted to him.

Macdee expressed gratitude to Ephraim Rateiwa and two others for their show of love In thanking them he remarked,”Allow me thank angels among humans that surround us”. He said he had been buying stuff from these companies for over 17 years. Macdee said the two lessons he had learnt from the gesture were that you are only as successful as the support system around you. He said it is important to have strategic co operate relationships. The second lesson, he said, was to trust God. Macdee said God allows everything to happen for a reason and that people should never doubted their maker. Macdee is one of the best producers in the country. He has worked with the likes of Trevor D and Diana Samkange. His work reflects true talent.

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