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Madam boss’ daughter Miki bags cool endorsement.

Miki Munetsiwa, the daughter of Madam boss seems to be emulating her mother in attracting sponsors. The young girl has just bagged a cool endorsement and is now the kid brand ambassador for Avion. Madam boss shares the news online and is one proud mother. Avion is a company that manufactures leading cellphones and other technical products. Miki will be an ambassador for the kids range. In an image posted on Instagram by Madam boss, Miki is seen giving some epic poses as she showcases her natural on set skills.

Miki is in grade one and has already been spotted as the ideal flag bearer of Avion kids brands. Madam boss is also an ambassador for Avion. The company produces state of the art phones and has been a direct threat to GTel which for a long period of time was the favourite choice of brand for most. Avion just broke onto the telecommunications scene and caused a stir. Madam boss jokingly asked her fans she could divert funds from Miki’s sign over. Madam boss seems to be racking in the cash these days with several endorsements for herself. Her daughter’s new deal will also see more money finding its way into the family. Madam boss is married to Ngoni Munetsiwa and they have one daughter Miki.

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