Mai Titi and Ben 10 serving couple goals.

A few weeks ago social media went into overdrive after comedian Mai Titi posted a series of photos with her supposedly new boyfriend. She was seen cuddling,kissing and even dancing with her new man. Most people were however quick to point out that the new patner was too young for her. Mai Titi has not bothered to listen to such sentiments and has continued with her public display of affection with her Ben 10. Mai Titi and Zizo are the new it couple at the moment. They regurlaly post sweet messages to each other online much to the dismay of those who initially castigated their relationship.

Zizo is clearly head over heels with the comedian as evidenced by the frequent messages of appreciation to his leading lady. Mai Titi was initially mum about her new man but after being probed she gave in and announced that she was so in love with Zizo. Zizo is a singer and the two seem to share an unbreakable bond that even after much speculation and sentiments of dissaproval they have remained intact. Mai Titi revealed that she is HIV positive at the onset of her career and she has proven that her status does not stop her from dating and enjoying life. The couple has clearly been serving relationship goals and other couple’s can take a leaf from their seemingly perfect union.

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