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Marry Chiwenga’s hefty divorce settlement terms.

Marry Chiwenga has caused furore after details of the hefty divorce settlement that she is seeking from her enstranged husband emerged. Chiwenga is demanding US 40 thousand dollars as maintanance and has stated that the amount is necessary to maintain her “current standard of living” until she dies or remarries. This amount has set tongues wagging considering that the amount translates to US 480 000 a year which is above the amount that is actually paid to the president of the United States of America as his annual salary. The monthly pay out suggested by Chiwenga is enough to pay 800 civil servants a month.

Marry is further claiming compensation for the injuries that she sustained at White City bombing in Bulawayo. She wants costs for reconstructive surgery paid and all other medical expenses arising from the injuries which she sustained from the bomb blast. In addition, Marry wants US 40 thousand dollars for per year to cater for vacation. US 25 000 is for international holidays whilst the remaining US 15 000 dollars is for regional holidays with her kids.

She is also claiming another USD 25 000 in local currency per person every year for a local holiday. The demands by Marry have been labelled as outrageous by most people. Others have been querrying just how much the vice president earns. The terms proposed by Marry clearly expose the lavish lifestyles that those in power in Zimbabwe are accustomed to. Marry’s demands come at a time when the vice president has claimed that she is a witch who had sprayed some juju on his clothes and had attempted to kill him. Chiwenga said marrying the former model was the biggest mistake of life and that she had entered into his life using cunning tactics. Chiwenga has since filed an urgent chamber application which is yet to be determined with high court for a gag order. This is essentially an order to stop the media from reporting on the proceedings

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