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Pics:Celebs babies that slay.

We can’t help but drool at these cute celebrity babies. Being the child of a famous figure comes with its own perks including having some expensive and quality clothing pieces. We compile a list of celebrity babies that really stand out from the rest.

1 Nandi Amari Tadiwa is the daughter of socialite and business woman Olinda Chapel and Tytan. The adorable miss has a closet that would make most grown women green with envy. She has designers clothes,customised shoes, fancy baby stuff and at such a tender age has her own baby club set up for her.

2. Mudiwa Jnr Christian Hood The son of rapper Mudiwa and his wife Anjelly is one spoilt kid. He wears original designer clothes. Mudiwa blessed his son with a very expensive leather stroller from babies r us. He grovelled about it online and said he had picked out the most expensive one in the shop.

3. Wicknell Chivhayo’s daughter also enjoys being dolled up in expensive labels. Chivhayo is renowned for his expensive taste and spares no expense when it comes to dressing up and pampering his little girl. We wish we were in her shoes.

4. Fantan’s daughter is a spitting image of her father. Fantan’s daunting baby girl usually serves us some eye candy with her cute baby clothes and epic poses

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