Siba dishes out cool advice on kid’s lunch box meals.

Celebrity chef and television personality Siba Mtongana has been commended for her new series of lunch box ideas online. The kitchen magician has been posting regurlar updates to parents on how they can improve their kids’ break time and lunchtime meals amid the new school term. Siba advised parents to put a variety of things as opposed to one food item everyday such as bread. Sba claimed that some of her own kids are picky eaters and usually just like to nibble. She said she then makes finger lunch style of lunch box instead of serious meals. Siba encouraged parents to include protein in all their meal preps and fruit.

Portion size was also said to be an important factor to consider. The advice by the celebrated chef has been hailed as positive and worth trying out. Most parents indeed battle to prepare proper and healthy food for their school going kids. Most people said that they had learnt a lot from Siba’s notes Siba said meal times should be fun and exciting for the little ones at school. She said parents can even be creative with leftovers such as meatballs and spice them up to create a good meal plan for school the following day

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