Tererai Trent on a mission to provide water to rural school children.

A touching initiative by local philanthropist and academic Tererai Trent has improved the lives of school children in rural areas. Tererai has been sourcing for funds to drill boreholes in rural areas to alleviate the problem of water shortages in schools. Tererai shared the progress made so far and said that of the twelve boreholes that are being targeted, two have already been drilled at Musukwi primary. Tererai said school children walk painfully long distances to get a single bottle of water and teachers and school authorities at times have to watch in despair as children go thirsty. With the dry spell hitting the country, school children are the worst hit and are often dehydrated.

Tererai has made it her mission to ensure that a constant supply of water is available to young rural children. Tererai said children need access to clean water. She applauded some of the sponsors who have been lending a helping hand to her foundation Tererai Trent International. The initiative by Trent is one of giving back to the community as she herself was raised in a rural set up. Most people were full of praises for Tererai and said her initiative showed the traits of true leadership and compassion.

Tererai is a local academic who is based overseas. She has penned down several books and does philanthropic work. She was prevented from going to school by her father but through resilience the woman of steel managed to pursue her dreams. Water shortages are common in the country even in urban areas. Tererai is truly one with a big heart

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